88th Annual NISCA National Conference, March 2021

March 25-28, 2021
Virtual Only  *Site Change

Conference Registration: 

Click here to register for the VIRTUAL ONLY Conference 

Links to the Zoom meetings will be sent out by Thursday March 25th. Links to Ballots will be sent out prior to voting to those who are current NISCA members. If you have not received the email with the links to the Zoom meetings, click here

The NISCA Conference is scheduled on EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME for all meetings. 

Hotel Information: 

The Conference is VIRTUAL ONLY, we will not be meeting in person. 

NISCA Business 2021

Election for President Elect

     - Candidate: Mark Jedow   Candidate Letter    Candidate Resume

Election for Treasurer

     - Candidate: Tom Wojslawowicz 

Proposed Bylaw Changes

     - 2021 Constitution and Bylaw Ammendment Proposals

     - 2021 Edited Consitution. 

 Recorded Meetings

     - NISCA Meeting #1 (3/27/21, 7pm) 

     - NISCA Meeting #2 (3/28/21, 1pm)

     - NISCA Meeting #3 (3/28/21, 3pm)

2021 Conference Agenda

All Times listed are for the EASTERN TIME ZONE 

Conference will be VIRTUAL ONLY via Zoom. Links to meetings will be sent out the week of the Conference to those who are registered. 

Voting will be done using Google Forms. Membership must be current in order to vote.

** Any new Constitutional or By-Law proposals must be presented to the Secretary IN WRITING including the rationale, a MINIMUM of 24 hours in advance of the meeting. Any other proposals for new business can be sent to the Secretary, including the rationale for the proposal,  prior to NISCA meeting number 3 to be added to the agenda under new business.


Future Championship Sites

Men - Georgia Tech (Atlanta), 3/23-26 - Site of NISCA Annual Conference
Women - Georgia Tech (Atlanta), 3/16-19 

Men - Minneapolis
Women - Knoxville *First time host - Site of NISCA Annual Conference

Men - Indianapolis
Women - Athens, GA

Men - Federal Way, WA
Women - Federal Way, WA

Men - Atlanta
Women - Atlanta

Past Conference Information

88th Annual NISCA Conference - Virtual Only Due to COVID-19

March 26-28, 2021

2021 Bylaw Change Proposals

Conference Meeting Minutes

83rd Annual NISCA Conference
March 23-26, 2016
Atlanta, GA

Conference Meeting Minutes

87th Annual NISCA Conference - Cancelled due to Covid-19

March 25-28, 2020
Indianapolis IN

2020 Bylaw Change Proposals

Conference Meeting Minutes

82nd Annual NISCA Conference
March 18-21st, 2015
Greensboro, NC

Conference Meeting Minutes

86th Annual NISCA Conference

March 20-23, 2019
Austin, TX

2019 Bylaw Change Proposal

Conference Meeting Minutes

81st Annual NISCA Conference
March 28-30th, 2014
Austin, TX
"Happy 80th Birthday NISCA"

Conference Meeting Minutes
2015 By-Law Change Proposals  

85th Annual NISCA Conference
March 21-24, 2018
Minneapolis, MN

2018 Bylaw Change Proposal

Conference Meeting Minutes

80th Annual NISCA Conference

March 28-30th, 2013
Indianapolis, IN
"Fuel for the Coach: Mind, Body and Spirit"                         

Conference Meeting Minutes

84th Annual NISCA Conference
March 22-25, 2017
Indianapolis, IN

Conference Meeting Minutes

79th Annual NISCA Conference
March 20-24th, 2012 
Tacoma, WA
"What's New, What's Next"

Conference Meeting Minutes

78th Annual NISCA Conference
March 23-26, 2011
Minneapolis, Minnesota

2011 Bylaw Change Proposals

Conference Meeting Minutes

    77th Annual NISCA Conference

March 23-27, 2010
Columbus, Ohio

Conference Meeting Minutes


76th Annual NISCA Conference 

March 24-28, 2009
College Station, Texas

Conference Minutes



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