Here you will find links to audio files and Power Point presentations from a few of our past NISCA clinics. 

 Diane Hicks-Hughes   Submitting Proposed Rules to the NFHS    PowerPoint
Kyle Bedalov      Social Media and Your Team       PowerPoint
 Arvel McElroy   A Winning Attitude    PowerPoint
 Arvel McElroy    Beyond the Pool - What HS Coaches Need to Know    PowerPoint
 Arvel McElroy    Failure - An Opportunity to Grow    PowerPoint
 Arvel McElroy    Team Building    PowerPoint
     Team Building Evaluation Rubric    PDF
 Arvel McElroy    Starting a NEW Program    PowerPoint
 Arvel McElroy    Why NISCA     PowerPoint
 Arvel McElroy    Keeping it Fun    PowerPoint
         Candy Cane Relays    PDF
       Circuit Day    PDF
       March 14 Pi day    PDF
      Stotan Contract    PDF
      Swimming Sets    PDF
      12 Days of Christmas v. 1    PDF
      12 Days of Christmas v. 2    PDF
 Arvel McElroy    Setting Goals    PowerPoint
 Arvel McElroy   Some Practical Advice for Coaches    PowerPoint


NFHS - Becky  Oakes       Concussions      PowerPoint     
NFHS - Becky Oakes   Avoiding Problems with Sexual Abuse   PowerPoint    
Kevin Kinel   Chesterton High School Swimming Program   PowerPoint    


Chris VanSlooten         Building a Team       Audio      PowerPoint 
Chris VanSlooten   Developing Team Leaders    Audio   PowerPoint
Mike Adams   Making your Swim Program Stronger    Audio   PowerPoint
Mike Adams   No Weak Links in the Long Red Line   Audio   PowerPoint
Bob Steele   My Favorite Games and Gimmicks   Audio    
Bob Steele   Strokes and Starts   Audio    


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