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The Creek is a family country club founded in 1923.  Our pool and beach have been a social hub for generations of members.  Although maintaining pool and beach safety is of the upmost importance, building our swim community is the key to success.  The Aquatics Director is a leader within our community and the driving force behind our youth swim programs such as Swim Team with emphasis on developing a strong sense of team spirit and participation.

Reports To:                               General Manager

Coordinates With:                   Assistant General Manager

                                                   Facilities Manager & Beach Maintenance Manager

                                                   Beach Manager & Assistant Beach Manager

                                                   Camp Director

Directs:                                      Assistant Aquatics Director


                                                   Assistant Coaches

Certifications Required:          ARC Lifeguarding Management/Instructor (LGM)

                                                   ARC CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer

                                                   ARC First Aid - Responding to Emergencies

                                                   ARC Water Safety Instructor (Progressive Swimming Instructor)

                                                   Certified Pool Operator (CPO)

                                                   ARC Epinephrine Auto-Injector Module

*ARC denotes American Red Cross - Alternate training may be

used only if approved by the Nassau County Department of Health

Experience:                               At least two years of experience coaching and motivating young swimmers.  At least two years’ experience as a Lifeguard at a swimming pool or a bathing beach which has more than one lifeguard supervising it at a time. Minimum 2 seasons experience at a children’s camp. 

Clearances Required:                  New York State Sex Offender Registry

Position Summary:                  Oversee the Club's Aquatics facilities and programs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Personnel: Hires, ensures certification of lifeguards, supervises, schedules work shifts/breaks/rotation, trains, processes work hours, disciplines lifeguard personnel.

Safety Equipment: Purchases, installs, places and inspects all safety equipment.

Safety: Ensures safe environment for pool and beach. Keeps beach free from garbage and debris - daily monitoring and inspection.  Responsible for, oversees, implements and modifies as necessary the Nassau County Department of Health "Swimming Pool Safety Plan," "Bathing Beach Safety Plan" and The Creek Beach and Pool Safety Plan Addendum.  Coordinates in-service training/drills of life saving skills and emergency response procedures.  Evacuates pool and beach during lightning storms.  Ensures proper stocking of first aid and emergency supplies.

Opening: Prepares pool for inspection - proper chemical levels, signage, lifeguards, safety equipment.

Pool Operations: Ensures proper bather-lifeguard supervision ratios, pool chemistry and adherence to opening and closing schedules.  Implements all Club policies, rules and procedures.

Supervision: Oversees proper behavior of bathers in and around the pool and beach swimming areas.  Enforces pool and Club rules as necessary.

Operations: Calibrates chlorine feeder system daily.  Ensures all equipment functioning, orders chemicals: chlorine, soda ash, acid, etc.  Orders equipment or supplies.  Performs weekly backwash of filter system.

Cleaning: Oversees vacuuming of pool and cleaning of surrounding decks as necessary.  Raking of children's sand play areas daily.

Reports/Records: Maintains daily Nassau County Department of Health information.  Maintains incident/accident log and submits to Nassau County Department of Health as necessary.

Supervising Lifeguard: Performs lifeguarding duties as necessary.

Camp Aquatic Operations: Oversees, adheres to and implements Creek Camp Safety Plan in relation to all aquatic activities.  Has certification for and functions as the Water Safety Instructor (Progressive Swimming Instructor).  Designates swimmer and non-swimmer classifications.  Ensures non­swimmers are not permitted in the pool unless they are in a learn-to-swim program.  Ensures "Buddy-Check" compliance.

Camp Swimming Instruction: Teaches and oversees programs to teach proper swimming technique to children in camp as per the camp schedule.  Functions as the Water Safety Instructor (Progressive Swimming Instructor) - designating swimmer and non-swimmer classifications.

Swim Team Swimming Instruction: Teaches advanced swimming technique and competitive swimming to members of the Swim Team.

Coaching: Schedules swim team practices and instructs and motivates participants.

Swim Meets: Coordinates swim meets with coaches of other competing clubs.  Organizes swim team participants for all competitions.

Swim Team Awards: Keeps records for all swim meets and conducts end of year awards program, ie purchases and awards trophies, etc.

Trophies: Engraves trophies with winners names each year.

Private Lessons: Gives private swim lessons to members and members’ children.

Other: Performs any other tasks as assigned by the General Manager.

Julie Lyon

Administrative Assistant

Payroll Specialist


The Creek, Inc.

516-723-2743 Direct

516-676-1405 Front Desk

516-759-4215 Fax

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Currently looking to fill the position of Assistant Swim Coach. 

The teaching field is open. 

We compete in District 4-5A as well as Region 1-5A.  The team has completed its 12th  season in a new facility that includes an 8 lane swimming pool as well as a separate 6 lane diving pool.  We currently have 57 on our high school team as well as 85 on our middle school team.  Opportunities are also available with our club team and its 50+ members. 

Andrews has a rich tradition of success and has a greatly supportive administration.

Please send a letter of interest to:

Mike Waldmann (swim coach) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and

Ralph Mason (athletic director) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following is the listing of this on our school’s web site which includes the salary range:

Also, please complete the district application and mail to the director of personnel.

For any questions, please feel free to contact

Coach Mike Waldmann (432) 770-2062


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