Jingle Bells Kicking Set

Easy /Max ladder (25, 25, 50, 50, 75, 75, 100, 100, 75, 75, 50, 50, 25, 25) swimmers sing jingle bells on every easy kicking step on the ladder. As a reward for a great set we let a swimmer pick the Christmas carol.

New Years Numbering

Every set in practice uses the number seven on new years eve or last practice before new years or on new years day 2007 - 7 x 100, 7 x 200, 7 x 75. Coach Schoulberg of Germantown Academy had intervals ending in odd numbers such as on 1:27 or 1:17. When I did this I personally had to write down as the leave times or I would lose track.

12 Days Of Christmas

1 x 25 partridge in a pear tree

2 x 25 two turtle doves

3 x 25

4 x 25

5 x 25

6 x 25

7 x 25

8 x 25

9 x 25

10 x 25

11 x 25

12 x 25

Another variation of the 12 days is

25 fly :30

50 kick 1:00

75 free 1:00

100 kick 2:00

125 swim (75 sec str/ 50 sec str) 2:00

150 kick 3:00

175 free 2:30

200 IM 3:00

225 swim (125 sec str/100 sec str) 4:00

250 full catch up 4:00

275 free 4:00

300 IM 4:30


Every swimmer has to swim at least 4 events. Every winner receives a Candy Cane . Overall highest winner gets a large candy cane and no swimmer leaves the deck with out getting a small candy cane. We do this the next practice after Christmas and we buy leftover candy canes. It has become so popular that we now keep records in each event and announce the record before they swim that event. You can adjust the number of events to conform to your time schedule.


1. Chicken Swim 25 yards - freestyle with your thumbs in your armpits the whole time

2. Tarzan Swim – head out of the water freestyle

3. One Arm Backstroke

4. One Arm Freestyle

5. The Plunge – freestyle start off the blocks and you hold your streamline with no kicking until you come to a complete stop.

6. Under Over – 25 yards under water any way you want 25 yards freestyle if a swimmer has to breathe they must submerge before stroking or kicking

7. Doggie Paddle – self explanatory but they must bark while they are swimming

8. Underwater Freestyle 25 yards

9. Elementary Backstroke

10. Breaststroke Pull With a Butterfly Kick

11. Butterfly Kick 25 yards – Swimmer must hold a streamline during dolphin kicking can be done in any position on side, stomach, or back

12. spin swim one arm freestyle followed by one arm backstroke for safety we assign a non participant to help each swimmer climb out

13. 25 yards feet first swim

14. two man swim – 25 yards swimmer in front paddles swimmer in back holds the front swimmers ankles and kicks


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