All America Swimming Announcements
On-Line Applications Now Open Monday, November 7, 2016

NOTE: Having trouble submitting an application? Make sure that you are using a non-school computer on a non-school network. Also, make sure you have all of the information that you need for your application. You have about 15 minutes to complete each app before the system times out. 

The portal for online applications for AA Swimming is now open. New this year: 

1. All meets (not just dual meets) require either a link to results or a paper copy of results to be sent before the application will be accepted. 

2. Non-member application fees and late application fees have increased to $30 each. A NISCA membership still costs just $50. 

3. "Automatic" AA Cuts are now referred to as "All America" qualifying times to reduce confusion over whether an app is required to make the list. In order to make the All America list, an application must be submitted and accepted. 

The deadlines for application are: 

Fall Season - December 31st

Winter Season - March 31st

Spring Season - June 15th

Fall or Winter season applications can be submitted after the deadline with a $30 per application late fee. NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME ON JUNE 15TH. 

Altitude Adjustments Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Need to find out if your time will meet the standard when adjusted for altitude? Click HERE to download a spreadsheet that will calculate the altitude adjustment for any entered time. Time is entered in total seconds.  

AA Swimming Application Information

All America Swimming

Award Applications are now submitted on line. On line applications can be completed between November 1 and June 15. See the full rules here

In order for a swimmer to be considered as a NISCA High School All-American he/she must compete for an interscholastic team and be scholastically eligible as determined by his/her state athletic association or school authority. All swimmers must be in at least the 9th grade level of school to be eligible. Swimmers are limited to 8 consecutive semesters of eligibility. Fifth year seniors, 7th and 8th grade students are not eligible for consideration. See NFHS National Records Committee Policy Handbook Definition #1.

All times submitted must be achieved in a regularly scheduled interscholastic meet (no time trials) and will include times achieved up to and including State Meet Performances.

All times must be submitted to the one-hundredth of a second. Meet times MUST include documentation (copy of or link to official meet results) as well as the signatures of the Meet Manager and Meet Referee for Dual Meets. NO MANUAL TIMES ACCEPTED. Automatic timing ONLY!

A swimmer may be listed in as many events as his/her times qualify.

Relay teams are limited to FOUR swimmers. Only ONE TEAM PER SCHOOL.

Each year, an “All America” time will be determined and published. Upon receipt of the accepted application blank, the swimmer may be announced as an All-America if they have achieved the published time.

The fastest one hundred (100) ATHLETES as determined by time in each event will be named All-America. For a complete list of the rules, click HERE.

For questions
about the All America Swimming award program, please contact the boy's or girl's All America Swimming Chair

For Archived Lists click the link on the right. Archived lists older than 5 years (from 1998 to present) are available only for registered members who are logged in to the website.

Note We are no longer mailing out Membership cards. You can print a .PDF copy of your membership cards by clicking HERE. If you can not remember you membership number you can look it up HERE.

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