All America Frequently Asked Questions

Created on: 7/11/2012; Modified on 4/14/2014
For fall and winter seasons applications will be accepted after the posted deadlines, but late fees will apply. For spring seasons, applications will not be accepted after the posted deadline. 

Fall Season is December 31
Winter Season is March 31
Spring Season is June 15

Fall Season is December 31st 
Winter Season is March 31st 
Spring season is May 25th 
If your spring season state meet is after the May 25th deadline, contact the AA Diving chair for instructions. 

Water Polo
Fall Season is December 31 
Winter Season is March 31 
Spring Season is June 15 

Academic and Scholar Team 
Fall and Winter Season is March 31st
Spring Season is June 15th

National Dual Meet (Power Points)
All applications must be postmarked by May 31st 

Unlike our very firm All-America program deadlines, the National Dual Meet Team Ranking program has a more flexible final deadline date If you would like to participate, but need more time beyond the May 31st deadline, please contact Claude Valle – – to see how much time he can give you

Created on: 7/11/2012; Modified on 7/11/2012 
NISCA recognizes the times of the top 100 athletes unless there is a tie for the 100th place. In that case, anyone who has the same time as the 100th place swimmer will be named as All America.
Created on: 7/11/2012; Modified on 6/4/2014
All America lists are posted on the website as soon as they have been finalized. Diving lists are typically posted the second week of June. Academic, Scholar Team and Water Polo are typically posted in late June and Swimming and National Dual Meet listings are usually posted by the end of June. The certificates for the "top 100 performances" will be mailed by early July to the athletes HOME address. The All America issue of the NISCA Journal is sent to current NISCA members at the end of July with all of the lists. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to be notified the moment the lists are posted.

Created on: 7/11/2012; Modified on 4/1/2014
We post the lists first and give people a chance to check them and make sure there are no mistakes, then we send them to the printer. We try to get them into the mail by the middle of July at the latest. NISCA mails the certificates to the address listed as the "Athlete Address" on the application form. If this is not the actual address for the athlete but instead the school or coach address, a fee will be charged for printing a replacement certificate.

Created on: 7/11/2012; Modified on 7/11/2012
Members do not have to pay for All America Swimming applications, unless they are late. If you sign up to become a member you are exempt from the $30 per application fee, in addition to getting all of the benefits of being a member, like a $1 Million insurance policy. If you are a NISCA member, only late applications will be assessed a fee of $30 each.

Created on: 4/1/2014; Modified on 4/1/2014
Contact the All America Chairperson for the program (Boys and Girls Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Academic, or Scholar Team). See Contact on the main menu of this website for their e-mail address. Give them the name of the athlete, event (if applicable) and the athletes home address to which the certificate should have been sent. Please be aware that NISCA sends certificates to the addresses listed under "Athlete Address" on the All America application form. If this address does not match the address given for the athlete, there will be a fee assessed for sending a replacement certificate. Coaches, please make sure that the address listed for the athlete is their HOME address and not the school or pool address.

Created on: 7/11/2012; Modified on 4/1/2014
Yes. Send your check and a printed copy of your submitted application receipt or a copy of the confirmation e-mail that you received to:

Tom Wojslawowicz
Attn:AA Swim Clearinghouse
3015 Shiloh Lane Charleston, SC 29414

Created on: 3/26/2018; Modified on 3/26/2018
500 Server Errors can be caused by a number of different things. Typically it means there was a loss of connection. If you are getting a 500 Server error, please try the following: 

1. Make sure that you are using a non-school computer on a non-school network. School networks often restrict certain types of traffic. 

2. Make sure that you are taking no more than 15 minutes to put in each application. After 15 minutes the server automatically times out. 

3. Make sure that you are on a solid internet connection. If you are using WiFi, make sure you have 4-5 bars or try switching to a cabled connection. 

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